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Free Bad Dates

Posted by Alicia R Norman aka Clangsford on October 26, 2007

Since its inception,  has helped hundreds of lonely hearts form friendships, share laughs and meet potential soul mates.  The brain child of  dating/relationship expert and author Jennifer Kelton, the site is what happens when one combines a social networking with a matchmaking service.

This article,  found on PR Newswire, elaborates on why this very unique dating site has tongues wagging.   Launched on October 18th, 2007, BadOnlineDates even had people lined up at the door to sign up upon its grand unvieling.

“I am so excited by the overwhelming response to, but not surprised,” said Kelton, who conceived the idea for while writing her reality-based dating and mating book, “Don’t Use My Sweater Like A Towel, “Dating is the one topic that everyone can relate to regardless of race, religion, nationality, economics or even sexual orientation.”

Okay, great, but just what “is” behind the irreverent dating  phenomenon?

Simple.  It’s a singles web page that offers a unique perspective on the genre.  Instead of wading through myriads of uninspiring ads by people who wax on and on about what a great catch they are, Kelton invites people to share their bad dating experiences, which she feels creates a commonality that connects us all.

For kicks, I visited the site and read some of the testimonials!  Ouch!  I  thought I had been on some bad dates, but some of these people had me beat hands down!  Even though I am now quite happily married, I wanted to post to see what kind of response I would get for my own horror stories.

The site has a terrific lay out and is easy to navigate.   Before you even register  you  can read featured stories, then, if so inclined, post replies (you will have to register to reply though).  Most everyone seemed to be polite and some folks made funny and or poignant observations about the nature of modern dating.

The site claims to be 100 percent free and offers what most other sites do–the ability to create a profile, post photo’s and browse other ads.

This brainchild of Kelton’s  could start an internet dating revolution, one where competitors at least attempt to come up  with creative and clever matchmaking sites that give customers more real options.

Bad Online Dates also appears to be genuinely free and the stories are fun, insightful or just downright sad.

Kelton’s site is an eye opening spin on an old idea  and I for one hope that it is successful if for no other reason but to provide a nice little adrenalin injection pinch in the withered arm of online dating!


World renowned dating expert Jennifer Kelton also has another popular dating website called

You can schedule a time to speak with Jennifer Kelton at or contact representative, Lauren Lewis at (818) 970-0052 or,


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Free Versus REALLY Free

Posted by Alicia R Norman aka Clangsford on October 26, 2007

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re on  an online dating site that claims it is free, you register,  peruse profiles, find someone of interest then, blam!  They tell you that you have to  pay to initiate contact or to respond to emails.

It is a slight of hand that I have always found to be very annoying, particularly since one has to jump through hoops of flame to even register.  That said,  there are things we can do to differentiate between a “supposedly free” site and one that is “really free.”


Almost all online dating sites claim to be free, but if you check the about section  you’ll discover that:

1)  You can send an email, but if they respond back, you have to pay to continue the conversation


2)    You can browse all you want, even send a wink or two, but if you want to chat, it is pay up time.

Now,  technically, these sites  are  offering some services for free, the caveat here is that their most important services are not free.  If  you are not one to read the fine print (and most of us aren’t), this is bound to come as an unpleasant surprise.

Most of these sites also say FREE TO JOIN or FREE TO BECOME A MEMBER,  however, they  won’t say anything like ABSOLUTELY FRE.   Your best bet—read the about us section to see how they are set up.


These sites generally state on their homepage that they are “completely free”.

What sites like this offer  are membership packages that allow you to  access all  their services with some small prohibitions.  Completely Free, is a rarity in this regard as the UK based site lets  anyone use their services without restriction.  Unlike many other free sites that offer packages and upgrades,  ( a basic membership  that allots 50 emails, a premium membership would grants  100, etc., etc.,) there is no sleight of hand.

Completely Free is, as the name says, is completely free.

The allure of the totally free sites is that they can be a great way to meet people when you are low on funds and just want  someone to hang out with.  The draw back of course is that, unlike say,, eHarmony or Great Expectations, these sites have very few members.

I’ve never understood why this is  as one would assume it is more desirable to “not” have to pay for something as valuable as a potential date.  Perhaps the rationale is you get what you pay for, or, if one is looking for quality, they can find it in quantity.

Completely free sites  are a viable option and seem to be  growing in popularity.   Maybe this fact will  make big time competitors step up their game and restructure their paradigm to include a bit more honesty.

Either way, daters win, it just depends on what you are looking for—and what you are willing to spend.

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Fun Free Things To Do on a Date

Posted by Alicia R Norman aka Clangsford on October 26, 2007

You and your love interest are past the expensive dinner and a movie stage and now, you want to move on to outings that are a little more intimate in nature.  This is a great phase in the dating relationship because you can now get a little  bit closer while saving some green.

That’s right ladies and gents,  now is the time where you can do things together that don’t cost a dime and no one has an issue with it.

So, what are you going to do with this sweet, blessed freedom?

Well, I have compiled a list of standard yet romantic ideals on how to continue your upwardly mobile climb towards a deeper relationship, with money finally resting on the back burner, where it belongs.


If it is spring or summer time and you are both music lovers, chances are you can find a really great band playing in a nearby square or park.  Small jazz festivals seem to pop up all over the place during this time and local bands, eager for exposure, will play for crowds during fairs and city sponsored events that are usually free to the public.


If sand and surf is your bliss, then a beach side date is a wonderful choice. Some beaches are more populated than others, so try to find a one that doesn’t have a ton of foot traffic. Caveat…it may cost a few bucks, but the fee will be nominal considering what you’ve spent already.   Romping on the beach is a sexy and fun date, as you can have an excuse to be reasonably bare and can get close to one another as you splash around in the water.


Extroverted party animals will certainly enjoy this type of date.  The vibe could be laid back and casual (unless we are talking  a black  tie  type of dealio), but whatever the style, you will be able to assess how your potential mate relates to other people.  Is he or she funny?  Charming?  Real?  Standoffish? Mean-spirited?

The event can end up being very eye opening, as how a person treats others will indicate how they will, in time, treat you.


Dust offyour fave DVD’s and make a night of watching old movie classics.  Popcorn  and candy and will make this a fun night and some time in the dark snuggled on the sofa can test the waters of your shared, romantic chemistry.

In the end, you may not see that ole movie classic after all.

There are a ton of great ideas that you and your date can partake in —  an invigorating hike in the woods, picnicking near a river, or simply cooking up a special dinner for two.  Whatever you choose, the move could signal   a more serious turn towards deepening romance and that my dears, is music to the ears and the pocketbook.

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Read the Fine Print

Posted by Alicia R Norman aka Clangsford on October 26, 2007

I hate to admit when I’ve been had but, if I spare just one of you from making the same mistake,  I’ll happily fess up to a bit of  “doh!” style stupidity.

It all started when I bought an item online that I actually liked and was poised to re-order.  That is, until I discovered that the company had begun charging me a membership fee without my knowledge.

I didn’t learn this via a “friendly reminder” email about my membership status either.  I rather unhappily stumbled upon their little  trick after I checked my bank statements and noticed a $11.95 charge  I didn’t recall.

I did some digging and realized that the charge came from the company I’d bought my item from several months ago.

Seems I’d  joined a club of some sort at the time of purchase  and  would be charged from now until infinity unless I said uncle (or threatened a lawsuit).

I went back to the site where I made my purchase, hunted diligently and found the disclaimer nested within the text of their  TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  Apparently,  buying my particular item meant I signed up for some kind of  auto-renewal plan.

What the fu?!

If I’d gone to a grocery store and bought a can of soda, the store manager couldn’t force me to buy a new can o’ Coke every time I stepped foot  into his establishment by claiming  I’d  joined some sort of beverage club.

Sadly, numerous supposedly free dating sites do the same thing.  They claim to be “free”, but have a very similar gotcha system in place.  Word to the wise,  if there is an asterisk any where on the page, read the terms and conditions before checking I AGREE.

These sites often trick you into giving credit card info in order to take advantage of their “free” offer, only to hit you up.  They justify this by  later stating that the free period was just a trial, a significant little factoid that can’t be found anywhere near the JOIN NOW button.

Gird your loins when this happens my friends, cause it is pure dee murder to get them to cease and desist!  Once you give permission for a company to access to your account, there is very little that banks can do.  You have to send the actual company a cancellation notice and hope they honor it, a fact many of these unscrupulous jerks are well aware of.  In my aforementioned case, the company didn’t cancel my “membership” until thirty days after the  notice  was received.

Seriously though, if purchasing a good or service also entails joining some kind of club, companies need to state this PLAINLY on the site, not bury it in a bunch a legal mumbo jumbo that most of us don’t have the time to read.  It called ethics, and  falls under the heading of “Fair Play”.

I don’t foresee this happening any time soon however, so in the interim just, be careful and read everything before placing credit card information on any  site, free or no.  Dating is hard enough without the embarrassment of having your card declined because  your  account has been gouged by a bottom feeding business.   With a bit of caution,   you can protect your hard earned cash and make your dating,  as well as your online buying experience, as hassle “free” as possible.

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Posted by Angela Neuwirth on October 23, 2007

The Internet has made it possible for people of various backgrounds and nationalities to connect on a global level. Because of this, foreign cultures have been demystified and we are starting to come to the conclusion that, no matter our dialect, accent or language, we all have the same basic need – to love and be loved.

International dating sites sprung up as people continued to reach beyond the boundaries of their own countries to fill that need, broadening their scope and making the all consuming search for a soul mate all the more attainable.

Still, there are those who want to fish for love in their own back yards. This is fine as well, since most sites have location headers with pull down screens, where you can click on the county of your choice.

Many of these sites require a fee to be a member, but a few are actually free.

Finding them was not easy, but persistence paid off and I was able to locate a wealth of free dating web pages, culminating in a database that I will explore in depth over the coming weeks, concentrating each article on a specified area or interest.

First up to bat are sites that UK based singles can visit to find the guy or gal pal for casual dating, or more, in their own neck of the woods.

Now, the first thing I noted about Amoureaux, was it’s ease of navigation and the fact that the website was clean, simple, yet attractive. It is also 100 percent free, and appeared to offer the standard fare of features, including easy set up and email registration.

Okay Cupid popped up on numerous listings during my search, and was heralded as the number one go to place for free, online dating. The site is, as stated, totally free, and is available in both English and Français.

All Jammin‘ labels itself as the “people’s connection”, and I have to say I really enjoyed their layout best of all. I especially liked their NEW TO ALL JAMMIN feature, where you could click on member profiles without even having to sign up. Smart move, seeing as the offerings of eligible singles are the one thing that will make you want to sign up in the first place. The men and women were also incredibly attractive, and interesting – a great free site!

United Kingdom Passions, is a free dating and social networking site that also allows a sneak peek at its members on the first page in the Forums section (click on the picture and the profile of the forum poster pops up) – there are other links to other completely free sites as well as free UK chat, message boards, and email.

There are many more sites and services to choose from and, as promised, we will go over them in the coming months, until then, peruse the sites until you find one that is right for you and above all, have fun!

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Posted by Angela Neuwirth on October 20, 2007

On my quest to find free dating sites, I uncovered literally hundreds of them that indulge every interest and lifestyle choice imaginable. If you like horseback riding, skydiving, trains, planes, swimming, transsexuals, or bi-sexuals, there was a dating site for you!

What was even more surprising, was that I was actually able to find sites that provide such wonderful services for free!

Below is a list of sites that won’t discriminate against people seeking gay, interracial or other romance, but are set up primarily for heterosexual singles seeking companionship.

Mingles is a free online dating and matchmaking community, that supplied a large number of links to alternative dating sites as well as picture profiles on the very first page. I browsed the profiles and have to say that there are plenty of amazing choices, the best I have seen on a free site. Attractive men and women line the homepage and their bios appeared straightforward. Definitely worth a look see.

Passions network is an international dating site with various branches to fit any type of mood or appetite; in fact, the site itself states that they are, “An online dating social network re-defining the term ‘social networking’. Passions Network consists of over 100+ unique social network dating sites, each with a focus on a specific area of interest.” The profiles can be accessed prior to registration, and the site is easy to navigate. Perfect if you want to have a look around before signing up.

“Please sign up and help us grow!” EC Personals asks, and it is a fair request. They don’t appear to have a lot of members, but the site is nice and is run by a gentleman named “Johnny”, who says that he started to site in answer to so called free online dating pages that lured you in, then charged exorbitant fees for you to initiate contact or to answer people you were interested in. Why would he do it? “Because it really doesn’t cost me anything to run this site!” Johnny proudly proclaims. If for no other reason than to support his kind endeavor, it may be good to sign up.

Looking for Scam free? Look no further. Dating ‘N More claims to be the most scam free dating site on the internet, in fact, I think the word scam appears more than ten times on the introductory page, “We don’t just kick them (scammers) out AFTER they tried to scam somebody. We don’t allow the scam artists to register and contact other singles in the first place.” A very good thing! The profiles look authentic and they appear to have a ton of members.

If you are looking for wild times, weird times, kinky times, or romantic times, the above sites can probably provide the outlets necessary to find it, and best of all, for free!

With a little common sense, you can find friendship, fun or more!

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Posted by Angela Neuwirth on October 15, 2007


The word is like music to the ears of the cost conscience, especially in tough economic times, when making and keeping a dollar is an everyday struggle.

Free is also a good word to have around when you are trying to figure out how to date on a limited budget and/or how to meet that special somebody.

For those of us who enjoy dating men and women of different ethnicities, but don’t have tons of cash to spend on expensive online memberships, I have researched sites that are free to join and serve individuals who are attracted to men and women of various cultural backgrounds.

Interracial is the number one free interracial dating site on the net. The homepage proudly states that Interracial Romance is for people looking to find a partner of a different race or a date. They claim to offer chat, forums and many great features to help you find love online, but I was unable to tell any of this from the homepage.

Like a lot of sites, you would have to go through a three-step registration process before being able to check out and browse the profiles. A minor inconvenience for someone who is legitimately looking for a significant other, but a bit of a stumbling block if you’d like a trial before signing up.

Afro Romance, is free to join and registration appears to be easy, after which you can create a free profile and upload multiple photos, checkout chat rooms, send and reply to emails and flirts, receive Instant Messages from subscribers, and use your web cam to Video Chat.

Interracial Passions had a sweet set up too, and looked as if the same company that set up UK Passions ran it. Like UK Passions, you could click on profiles in the newest members, recent logins and forum sections prior to registering. Completely free, this site has tons to for individuals looking for a hot multicultural match up.

Interracial Cupid was by far the best in regards to sheer number of attractive members, and it is free to peruse profiles and sign up. I did get the feeling that if one were to initiate contact, a fee may be involved, although it doesn’t state so on the site. Well worth the look see, as I had combed over the site and found that, if the pictures are to be believed, there are a large number of hunks and gorgeous gals looking to mix it up!

That said, keep in mind the age-old caveat that you get what you pay for. Free dating sites are great, but because they don’t have the advertising dollars of e-companies like, or E-Harmony, they don’t have as big a draw and thereby the selection of singles to choose from is not that numerous.

Hopefully that will soon change, until then, enjoy the free sites and spend the money you save on a fantastic first date!

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Posted by Angela Neuwirth on October 10, 2007

Spirituality is an important facet of a person’s life, and finding someone who shares your faith can be as hard as walking the Christian walk itself.

For single Christians, the dilemma is two fold.

How do you date in a manner that is consistent with your beliefs in a world that doesn’t cater to them, or find a forum that does?

It’s not like Christians can treat the house of God like a dating service, but the bar scene isn’t exactly filled with like minded people, who will appreciate and respect your passion for Christ.

What is a person of faith to do?

Well, the Internet is one place to start. There are numerous free Christian dating sites for faith walkers, where you can find people who are reaching out and searching for the answer to their loneliness.

Now, I know some of you may feel as if you are usurping God’s providence by being proactive in this area, but we all know that The Good Lord helps those who would help themselves. Servants of God can’t expect Him to hand us everything on a silver platter. The Father, like any good parent, will take us only so far, letting our hands go as we wander towards our independence.

And what better place to look than on a site that is filled will people with common goals and outlooks that are at a point where they too want friendship, romance and/or lasting Godly love.

Real Christian Singles claims to be an exciting place for spiritual daters, who are looking for friendship, love, romance or courtship. The site aptly quotes, “I will rise now and go about the city, in the streets and in the squares; I will seek him whom my soul loves.” (Song of Solomon 3:2), deftly pointing out that the search for love is divine and godly in and of itself. If you are searching for Christian romance, and a mate who shares your values, this seems like a good place to stop and check out.

Catholics Mates offers a place for practitioners of Catholicism to meet up and mingle online. There are chat rooms, forums and profiles that one can peruse, all absolutely free.

Another wonderful site is Christian Free Dating , where Holy Ghost filled men and women can meet and connect. I am a sucker for sites that allow a sneak peek at members prior to registration, and Christian Free dating does just that in the profile of the week and month section, that is located on the home page. I have said it once and I will say it again, it doesn’t hurt to let people to see what they are getting into prior to signing up!

So, if you are truly desire to find a church going man or woman who believes in the power of prayer, check out the above sites and start on a new adventure with Christ as your guide.

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Free Dating Blog

Posted by Angela Neuwirth on October 1, 2007

Put a bargain hunter together with a savvy dater and what do you get? A thoughtful romantic with an eye for savings!

Far from being a cheapskate, this person is smart, conscientious and cost conscience, knowing when to save and when to splurge. I mean, let’s face it, unless you are Donald Trump, you won’t be able to fly to Paris for every single date, and why would you? What makes such events special is that they are rare. Too much of a good thing, can, in itself, bring about a bit of jaded, “been-there-done-that” contempt.

Besides, we are not all fortunate enough to have billions at our disposal.

There is a time for grandeur and a time to just chill out and enjoy enlivening companionship, after all, there is something to be said for the beauty of simplicity…

Free dating is a blog that understands this principle. Dating singles need options, including free ones, when they are trying to get to know someone. This blog aspires to teach you how to find the very best in free internet dating sites, as well as places that one can take a date that are free admission or so low in cost, it might as well be free…

I know what you are thinking. You have been condemned in the past by a gal or guy pal for being thrifty. Hey! Don’t even sweat it! I can tell you from my own personal experience that I have never looked down for a guy who counted his pennies, and if you are such a guy, do you really want to woo a girl who sneers at the fact that you are responsible enough to care about saving for a rainy day. Far too many people go all out when they are just getting to know someone, only to feel used and abused if the romance fizzles.

To me, a far better dating paradigm would be to start off small, with a relaxing stroll in the park or on the beach. Once you have established that this person is much more interested in you than in the things you can give them, you can spring for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant or two.

When I met my husband, he’d been laid off for some time and was looking for work. During his job search, his savings had dwindled. When we went out, we both looked for steals and deals, which is how I came to be so proficient at locating them.

The greatest part about our bargain hunting adventures was that we got a chance to really get to know one another, without distracting fanfare.

This is the primary reason why I wanted to contribute to the Free Dating blog. I am confident that my knowledge may not only bring ideas on how to save a penny or two, but also show you how to appreciate the finer I things in life that no amount of money will be able to purchase.

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